Mariya Paskovsky

…It's all about line, a black line on white paper. I do love colour, but a black line on white paper is what I prefer to use to communicate my thoughts…
For more than 14 years, I have created advertising and editorial illustrations, as well as decorative designs, for many amazing people. Living between New York and Montreal, I try to capture the beauty and happiness of everyday life through my work—les petits bonheurs. Whether it's a pretty dress I saw in Soho during a stay in New York, or a new jar of moisturizing cream that works just perfectly on dry skin, a cup of tea with an éclair or beautiful flowers carried by a gentleman wearing a bow tie on the street—these small pleasures are the bricks that build the house of our lives and make every day more joyful and loving.
I find inspiration in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements, with their capricious ornaments and wavy flowing lines and their exaggerated search for perfection and beauty. I love to create the most contemporary imagery, combining pure graphic elements with detailed accessories and extravagant décor.
I love and find inspiration in fashion, architecture, beautiful interiors, perfumery and skin care, cooking, traveling and nature, fairy tales, Indian movies, great conversations, extravagant people and everything colourful, exaggerated and striking.
Please contact me directly to talk further, and follow me on Instagram for news and updates. 


Procter & Gamble / Evernote / McGill University / Elle magazine / Total Girl Magazine / Strathmore / Artist Papers / The Recanati  Wine / Clin D'oeil Magazine / The Mirror Montreal / LaVimage Studio / Portrait with Flair / Vera Varley Fashion Photography / / Swimsuits for All / Maomao Publication Spain / Essential Color in Fashion Illustration / The Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration by Martin Dawber / Magic Paintbrush by Hightone Publishing